Add a precision machined hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum picatinny rail to your Larue Tactical OBR, PredatAR, or PredatOBR rifle. It fits either the 5.56 or 7.62 caliber rifle. This mount is longer than the standard factory rail. Redesigned to offer more mounting locations, and is machined to be light weight with reduced sharp edges. The mounting holes are counter sunk not counter bored which means that the rail can be removed and remounted with out losing the location and alignment of the rail. The rail ships with 3 high quality, high torque T20 Torx flathead locating screws and a T20 Torx wrench for quick installation. This rail will not fit other AR-15 rifles.

The price is $44.95 plus $11.75 shipping and handling. Sales tax at 6.75% for Texas shipments. Shipping and handling charges will be combined for multiple item orders.