Generation 2 Front Sight Pivot Block

  • Stainless steel front sight pivot block redesigned and machined to tighter tolerances to remove the excessive front sight post movement on the Generation 2 Sub 2000. 75% improvement is possible.
  • The original sight housing, sight post, sight post plunger, pivot screw, and all springs are reused.
  • Comes with assembly instructions.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Improve the excessive movement of the front sight post and accuracy of your Kel Tec Generation 2 Sub 2000 with a stainless steel front sight pivot block. This pivot block is redesigned to give better support to the original front sight parts of your rifle and is machined to tighter tolerances to minimize front sight movement and eliminate pivot block interference with the windage screw. Included is a tube of medium strength thread locker which is used (and is necessary) to secure the pivot block screw into the front sight housing. The first two pictures are of the replacement front sight pivot block. The third picture shows the assembled pivot block before installation using your other original sight parts. The forth picture shows the final installation. Installation instructions are included.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Price is $34.95 plus $11.75 S/H for US shipments. S/H charge for multiple item order will be combined. 6.75% sales tax for shipments to Texas only.